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Doctor Money Insure is a brand under
Doctor Money Company Limited


Doctor Money Company Limited

Doctor Money Company Limited was founded by a group of Thai executives with management knowledge and recognizes the importance of business in finance which has a different business strategy than other commercial banks by giving customers at all levels an opportunity to access the Hire Purchase business car registration loan business and personal loans under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand (P-Loan). In addition, Dr. Money Co., Ltd. has expanded its market base into the insurance broker business. The company focuses on applying in-depth digital technology through professional personnel. To provide customers with quality, convenient and fast service

Doctor Money Insure has developed a state-of-the-art technology system. Makes buying car insurance easier access to all applications able to compare car insurance with a variety of protection plans from leading partner companies in the country giving you confidence with worthwhile protection at the price you are satisfied

Vision / Mission




We are a financial opportunity provider and raise the level of knowledge and understanding of good debt that generates income to build a growing and strong community across the country



 Share knowledge and understanding of income-generating debt to improve the quality of life of the community.

 Develop a variety of products and provide services that exceed customer expectations.

 Expand the service nationwide for providing professional service with easily accessible technology.


Doctor Money Insure!

Doctor Money Insure is a brand under Doctor Money Company Limited.

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Search easily

Make your search easily for anything you want.
Only fill your car information, choose the insurance types for comparison. Easy and all time available.

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Utility maximization

Provide the maximized benetfits.
You can choose your car insurance right to your lifestyle covering the maximized benefits.

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Rate you can choose

Various options of ratres are available for you to choose.
With variety of insurance types, you can choose what is right for your needs at the pleasurable rate without additional cost.

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Express service

Express service is what you will get.
With online transaction, our service will fulfill your needs at once while you can always validate in every step.

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Surely Reliable

We are certified by OIC

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Surely Proficient

Our experienced experts are available for your services and consultancy.

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Surely Good

Offers from selected leading car insurance companies are ready for you to compare at your best value!

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Surely Convenient

Multiple options for payment transaction with the offer of 0% interest insallment.

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Surely Special

Only for Doctor Money Insure's customers, we are specially offering plenty of benetfits and promotions!

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Surely Protective

Protecting personal information and the maximum benefit to our customers.