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Non-life insurance brokers are independent intermediaries who can be both natural persons and juristic persons. They have knowledge in various insurance fields and can recommend products of any company Independent of any company and has a brokerage ethics and must be honest with clients. which is authorized by the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC).

Doctor Money Co., Ltd. is licensed as a non-life insurance broker according to the Non-Life Insurance Act, B.E. 2535, Registration No. Wor00009/2565. Customers can compare insurance from leading insurance companies to get maximum coverage and recieve up to 8 free benefits. Customers can pay for car insurance directly with the 0%-interest installment plan of the company. No credit card is required.

The company sells both compulsory motor and voluntary motor insurance as follows: compulsory insurance also known as Insurance under the Act is insurance that the law requires all cars to be insured under the Car Accident Protection Act. It provides coverage for all victims of car accidents who suffer from voluntary car insurance. It is an insurance that is not enforced by law depending on the satisfaction of the insured who sees the risks. The coverage depends on the type of insurance that you choose. Some types cover all damages to the insured car from fire, loss, theft, natural disasters, floods, including property and injury or death of third parties, when the driver of the insured vehicle is liable.

Claim with official dealer garage claiming is sending the car to repair at official dealer garage according to the car brand. In the case of a new car, not older than 3 years, should choose an official dealer garage claim because you will get genuine parts from the service center. But choosing to repair the center may have to wait longer than the repair queue to repair the garage.